Are you an Influencer?

It’s a strange world we live in where people have so many different platforms to influence peoples thinking.  But what does it really take to be an Influencer?

Is an Influencer someone on Instagram that can look magnificent in every proportion and get people to buy a product that is hot on the Market for the moment?  Is that an Influencer or a great salesperson?

Growing up in a family of car sales I have seen the best salesmen influence many to buy cars that were superfluous.  As they drove from the yard the salesman would recline in his chair with a smile and thinking to himself “there goes another one!”  was he an influencer?

 I ask this question seriously because are you in business simply to sell a product or are you looking at the long-term goal.  Have you actually created value and change to that person’s life?  I am all about value.  What can I do to make a difference?

Not everyone wants change, and some are simply happy to buy a product and move on.  However, is that enough for an influencer? We have this amazing platform we call Facebook and today our business is built on this stage.  We use groups and stories to seed success and develop a language of transformation.   Touching another person’s self-worth and creating the connection for growth creates influence.

Its not just enough to sell but it’s the follow up after the sale, it’s the mentorship that goes with a sale, it’s the relationship that you build, it’s the education you give and the knowledge you share .  Touching someone deep inside creates an affiliation of trust where people become open for conversations about lifetime goals.  A salesperson never asks where you see yourself in three years’ time.  A salesperson never asks why you need a product, but they are quick to say the opposite. 

The world needs solid influencers that are here to make a difference.  To touch our families and see how they can take away some of the pain that sits dormant in every home.  Mothers that are undervalued and Fathers that are over worked all trying to make ends meet.  Children in day cares waiting for mothers to rush between jobs and collecting older kids from school.  It’s a busy world for families.

What if you had a gift to share that could change this?  Would you share it? Would you put enough importance into this gift to allow others the time to know its potential? 

Knowing the true worth of becoming an Influencer was when I could share my gift with a family and bring a husband home from the mines.  When children could go to better schools. When Mothers could find their independence. When Mothers could be at home for their kids.  That Playgroup was now a choice not a necessity.

Through the gift of Phatt we have been able to build an army of individual influencers. The power of using Mandela’s philosophy is apparent here: each one, teach one.

Everyone has the power to become an influencer but ask yourself the question, are you?  Looking deeper, seeking an end result is so much more gratifying than counting how much stock is left on a shelf.

It’s your choice but choose wisely the world needs you.

Terri McClure is a network marketing leader who mentors, leads and supports people who are ready to take charge and make change in their lives.

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