Crisis is a time for connection

We have launched this website in the middle of the Corona Virus. Never has connection been more important in our lives. Taking the time to sit and listen and to appreciate one another is now paramount for all of us.

Today I write as a Mother longing for the safety of her children and her children’s children.  Never have parents been tested with survival instincts like we are today. 

There are some positives. 

Time, my greatest value in this world is my time. 

Today I have the time to sit, write and reflect on the connections that surround me. My last visit with my little ones was simply a walk around the block, chatting and telling stories. Climbing the trees and laughing. A Sunday afternoon and people were behind fences happily gardening and shouting hello. I had never spoken to these people before nor had I seen them.

I have even met my neighbours and considering we live on acreage our neighbours have become vital.  The only other source of human contact. I see you, are you ok? It’s the little things that have become important and the gifts we took for granted are now valued in our lives.

Everyone of us has a gift to share and Facebook is the perfect platform for communities to unite. We have platforms with over 400,000 people and what a gift it is for people to be able to share stories and feel the love from everyone.  We all start as strangers and with time the connections become small families.

Don’t sit at home and think no one cares when all you need to do is open your virtual world.  It’s not perfect in anyway, however, it is one of the best options we have for us to remain valued in our the hearts of our families, communities and associated worlds.

Together we will all grow from this experience and the simplest of connections will be forever valued.  I am missing the hugs that warm your soul however they have been replaced with the words of love that have been shared.

Much love everyone,

Terri McClure is a network marketing leader who mentors, leads and supports people who are ready to take charge and make change in their lives.

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  1. I agree. I have connected with neighbours that normally don’t say hello. Families walking around the block, teddy bears and rainbows in windows. It’s been lovely to stop and connect and go back to basics. I actually feel more connected than ever through our Facebook groups and our community.

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